A Study on the Nature of
Yahushua and the Sons of Elohim

by Janice Pearson Salsbery

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Did the Creator walk among us? Did He call Himself Yahushua? There is only One Almighty Creator of all that is, He is King of the Universe, His Name is not God, He is not a Trinity, and He only chose one people to spend eternity in His Kingdom. How can we be sure we are among those chosen people? The Creator has appeared on earth as a man, numerous times, and He is coming again to claim us. How will we insure His imposter does not deceive us? The Creator is a vastly higher being than the many transdimensional b’nei elohim (gods, angels) He created, some of whom gave us the giants of old. The fallen b’nei elohim are among us on the earth still, attempting to deny us our entry into the Kingdom. The events ahead before the Seventh Millennium may not be what we expect. Our Creator has plans for the strategic protection of His priceless jewels, so we have nothing to fear if we know The Way. Prepare yourself.

Paperback – 362 pages

ISBN: 978-9996526-4-0