December 3, 2017

About Us

We are a small, family-owned Independent Publisher, established in 2018 to publish our own authored works.

Several books are scheduled to be published in 2022-24. Please see Works in Progress, and the Free Download.

We are not actively soliciting manuscripts at this time, though we would be willing to consider proposed projects.

About our name – Zayante (pronounced zeye-ant-ee, with the emphasis on the middle syllable) is in the Santa Cruz, California mountains, and dear to Alex’s heart. His maternal grandmother bought ten acres there nearly 90 years ago, and built a cabin. Over the years, most of his family at one time or another, lived there. At this time, the property still belongs to the family. Alex’s paternal grandfather built and lived in a house right on Zayante Creek. The creek actually ran UNDER the house, which was built up on stilts. Zayante is a special, beautiful place in the California Redwoods and near the coast.

Alex & Jan Salsbery