1 October 2018

1 October 2018 – I decided to start a blog to keep interested cousins informed of my book progress. Sometimes I wish I had begun a blog years ago, when I began compiling the soon-to-be published family history of my grandparents, Clinton W. Pearson and Bessie Adelaide White. I could have kept those who care, apprised of new genealogy discoveries and stories of Our Extraordinary Ancestors as they were found. Then again, if I had, everyone would be so tired of hearing from me and they would rightly be wondering if this book will EVER be finished. I really thought it would finally be ready to publish before the end of 2018. There is still that remote possibility. I always put LIFE before the book though, and Alex and I have just begun a new chapter in our lives that is in conflict with my writing plans. The timing is poor, and I am really struggling to complete the final touches to get this book out before 2019.

We just purchased an almost new motorhome and so begins our new life chapter. We are packing up our belongings, but I am NOT ready to discard everything I own. We are decluttering and putting the rest in storage for now. We plan to sell our home in California and live full-time in the RV. The tentative first-year plan is to spend 6 months in Southern Oregon and 6 months on the Oregon coast. However, we will be keeping our eyes open for that perfect piece of property that will someday be our new home.

While I am breaking my back every day packing, those are hours that are not devoted to the book. All I can manage lately is an hour or two here and there most days. The writing and layout is actually finished. I am now proofreading and completing last minute touches. And I still need to find a book cover. Then the completed book will be uploaded to Amazon Create Space, and listed for sale at Amazon. An email announcement will be sent to my contact list.

Some of my cousins are looking forward to the completed book, Our Extraordinary Ancestors, and I hope you won’t be disappointed. It really won’t be long now!

I’ll update this page whenever there are new discoveries, updates to publication or interesting travels.

Thanks for your patience.

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